With a rich history in amateur coaching beginning in 2012 to go on to coach professionals 8 years later, Barnes Boxing’s pathway into the boxing circuit is unobstructed due to our many years of quality coaching. we believe that due to a combination of a keen attention to detail whilst maintaining a critical eye we are able to offer constructive feedback during training sessions that will help athletes correct their technique to master any faults that come to our attention. In doing this we will highlight to boxers the key attributes that need to be mastered in order to be successful competing in amateur contests and championships. Due to our many years on the amateur circuit, Barnes Boxing is now a regular host of boxing events at Pound for Pound palace in Southampton. Our interests have naturally evolved into the professional boxing scene as a result of some of our promising boxers breaking into the pro game.

Barnes Boxing’s history begins coaching Southampton Solent University boxing team. Due to it being a short boxing season for university students, a new club “Pound for Pound” was formed for the local boxers and athletes of Southampton, this meant we were now able to coach boxers all year round. After moving venues three times to accommodate our business growth and our regular boxing shows, Barnes Boxing knows that it must fully utilise its media potential in order to see further growth. This way we don’t need to keep increasing the size of the venue to accommodate show spectators, we can share club training sessions and boxing show experiences, straight to members in their living rooms!

We are now excited to provide an online streaming channel for events, gym activity and training tips, opening us up to a worldwide audience and countless opportunities. Creating a new streaming website can now raise the profile of our venue and everything that takes place in it. Boxers training at Pound for Pound are more likely to be more exposed and recognised online for the training they put in or for the performance of their sparring, fans can even tune in online to watch their favourite athlete’s train. The extra spectator numbers that can now be attained online will enable us to start hosting professional boxing events too. This gives our professional boxers more opportunities to move up the rankings and grow in popularity. Barnes boxing recognises fully the importance of a strong online presence and by bringing boxing to fans via online streaming we will make Southampton the hub of boxing in the south of England and we want Pound For Pound to be the one stop shop to take a boxer from the street to the spotlight.


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