Boxing Coaching

Boxing coaching is available to Amateur and professional boxers. We pay attention to key areas that will improve the boxers defensive and offensive skill set.

Boxing sessions consist of precise and corrective pad-work. Punch bag routines to enhance the boxers work-rate and conditioning. Functional training to increase athletic performance, and we advise and guide boxers on their lifestyle choices to compliment their training.

Sparring sessions are arranged for boxers to make progress and part of their preparation for competition.

Price: £300 for 10 sessions
Additional cost: £15 per month to the gym facility

Personal Training

Personal Training services are widely accommodating to improve clients potential, we track and measure their progress towards their athletic goals. We determine what areas are necessary to improve the clients performance and identify the areas previously holding the client back from achieving their goals.

Health and wellbeing is a key focus, boxing fitness training can always be integrated into the clients training programme, this helps with any frustrations, increases self esteem and confidence.

The cardio training will help with weight loss and the resistance training will also improve body tone and shape.

Price: £300 for 10 sessions
Additional cost: £15 per month to the gym facility

First Aid Courses

This “Ofqual” recognised course is perfect for small places of work, gymnasiums and boxing clubs. An emergency first aider has the responsibility of taking charge in the case of illness or accident. On this course, you will learn basic life saving first aid and health and safety regulations applicable to the environment.

This course has a maximum size of 12 people. There is no final assessment, but certification requires full attendance. Some sections of the course can be tailored to suit the requirements of your specific employment or role.

Course Content: Health and safety (first aid) regulations, Managing an incident, The priorities of first aid treatment of an unconscious casualty, Resuscitation, Shock, Bleeding, Common workplace and environment injuries

Price: £75 per person

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